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At Imajica Brand Evolution, we deliver better brand engagement.

We put the customer experience at the core of everything we do and make it our business to understand how best to improve your customer engagement with brand experiences driven by emotion.
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Distilling a memorable brand for the drinks industry

Foghouse Spirits
Venture Naming. Brand Development. Brand Strategy. Brand Language. Web - UX / UI / Development / Ecommerce. Brand Imagery. Environmental Graphics. Packaging / Labelling. Event Material. Marketing Material. Corporate Stationery.
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Developing a brand that savours the moment

Brand Development. Brand Language. Brand Strategy. Investor Relations. Web - UX / UI / Development / Ecommerce. Social Media. Signage & Environmental Graphics. Photography. Corporate Video. Marketing & Comms. POS.
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Branding an energy company for the 21st century

Warrego Energy
Brand Strategy. Brand Identity. Brand Language. Brand Guidelines. Web - UX/UI/Development/CMS. Photography. Environmental Graphics. Advertising. Annual Report. Corp. Merch. Bespoke Whisky. Presentation Material. Event Material. Marketing Material. Corporate Video.
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Optimising the performance of a training brand

2020 Project Management
Brand Strategy. Brand Identity. Brand Language. Web - UX / UI / Development / CMS. Brand Imagery. Event Material. Marketing Material. Presentation Material.
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Positioning Scotland's Energy Corridor

Energetica / Invest Aberdeen
Brand Development. Web - UX/UI/Development/CMS. Environmental Graphics. Advertising. Corp. Corporate Merch. Presentation Material. Event Material. Marketing Material. 
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A brand driven to success

Team Dynamics Motorsport
Brand Identity. Marketing Material. Web - UI / Development. Corporate Video. TV treatment.
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Our Clients

We're fortunate to have worked with some great brands over the years.

Our clients like to think of us an as integrated part of their business. In short, think of us as part of your team, challenging you to put customer experience first, delivering stand-out brand experiences that engage with your customers across all platforms.

We'd love to add yours to this list, working collaboratively to achieve your goals.

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