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Team Dynamics Racing are one of the finest motorsport teams in the world delivering bespoke race winning solutions for racing teams across the globe. In the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) alone, one of the most competitive racing series in the world, the team have led three different drivers to five titles, taken hundreds of podium finishes and are rapidly approaching one hundred race wins.

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Flash 52

Imajicas involvement in the motorsport sector dates back to 2000 when current Honda Yuasa Racing BTCC driver Gordon 'Flash' Shedden was going on to win his first major British title in the Ford Fiesta Championship. Since then Imajica have sponsored 'Flash' from his first steps in the BTCC all the way through to the pinnacle of the sport, winning the Drivers Championship in 2012 and then becoming a two time champion in dramatic fashion at Brands Hatch this year.

'Flash' joined the Team Dynamics Racing run Halfords Racing Team in 2006 where he joined the now three-time BTCC champion and Team Dynamics MD Matt Neal.

Since then the Imajica / Team Dynamics relationship has gone from strength to strength with Imajica commissioned to evolve the 'Flash' brand as well as design and build 3 sites for both drivers and the team, design marketing material, produce promotional films and even develop a potential TV series in conjunction with B4 Films.

Flash 52 Logo

Brand Identity

BTCC driver Gordon Shedden approached Imajica to develop an identity tied to his 'Flash' nickname and his race number '52' as the basis of an instantly recognizable brand that sponsors and fans alike could buy into. Imajica took inspiration from the success of similar approaches for riders in the world of Moto GP and latterly in Formula1. The agile, bright and bold identities colour palette has been designed to evolve over the years to tie in with motorsport teams colour-schemes and Is now seen via ITV Sport on race seats, suits, helmets, racewear and all associated marketing material.

Flash 52 Brand Identity
Flash 52 Brand Identity


Sponsorship is a massive part of motorsport, without it there would be no racing. So ensuring the team stands out from the crowd to showcase its race winning capabilities is imperative. Imajica designed, copy written and produced the teams latest brochure 'Engineered to Perform' to introduce potential sponsors to the team and showcase the companies credentials at the highest level.

Team Dynamics Brochure
Team Dynamics Brochure


Initially Gordon Shedden tasked Imajica to design and build a website to attract sponsors, boost his profile and engage with fans as he marked his debut season in the BTCC. Since the sites launch in 2001 'Flash's' site has been through many iterations to either tie into the teams branding or evolve with new web technology. In 2010 Matt Neal rejoined Honda Racing and Imajica took over both sites to ensure brand consistency for the team. The brief for both sites was to ensure sponsors, media and fans alike were kept up to date and included at all times. So to ensure the sites were always current Imajica harnessed the power of social media by integrating the multiple Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr accounts associated to each driver so that everyone can be feel part of the team.

View Gordon Shedden Website
View Matt Neal Website

Gordon Shedden Website
Gordon Shedden Website
Matt Neal Website


After working with Team Dynamics for many years Imajica are very much integrated as part of the team at race weekends. This gives us unbridled access to what makes the team tick behind the scenes working on everything from car launches at the media day to race weekends and promo videos for sponsors. Working with in car GoPro footage and exclusive behind the scenes HD shoots in the garage and pit lane we ensure Team Dynamics and Honda Yuasa Racing are showcased as one of the finest motorsport teams in the country.


Imajica have worked in partnership in multiple TV & Movie projects over the years with B4 Films and are perfect partners for media projects. So after seeing the potential over the years working with Team Dynamics Racing Imajica worked in conjunction with B4 to develop and produce a documentary series named 'What Drives a Racing Team' showcasing a year in the life of a British Touring Car team. Imajicas integration with the team ensured exclusive access to the high speed adrenaline rush that is life in the BTCC.

Team Dynamics Racing Brochure

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