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GulfMark is a global offshore marine services company. After successfully managing the brand for the North Sea sector of the business for many years, we were commissioned to develop the GulfMark brand globally. We worked with GulfMark's corporate office in Houston to create a consistent brand across all their regions: The North Sea, Southeast Asia and The Americas.

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GulfMark Brand Identity
GulfMark Brand Corporate Stationery

Brand Identity

Using the GulfMark brand guidelines as a starting point, consistency across all the offices globally needed to be created. The guidelines highlighted everything from the painting of vessels to the photography style to be used across the company. We also helped develop core values and defined GulfMark's vision, an essential part of their brand definition.

GulfMark Brand Guidelines
GulfMark Brand Guidelines
GulfMark Branded T-shirt, Wave


GulfMark wanted to transform their existing newsletter into a more engaging publication for staff, so we created 'GulfMark Global'. The magazine was distributed in print and digital versions to accommodate staff both onshore and offshore. To convey GulfMark's key messages and vision to a wider audience we also created the booklet 'This is GulfMark'. All publications were produced in English and Portuguese.

GulfMark Coffee Table Book
This is GulfMark Brochure, Portuguese Version
GulfMark Global Newsletter Inner Layout
GulfMark Global Newsletter Cover


To emphasis GulfMark's global network we created the 'Universally Connected' advert for the OSJ magazine. The star map highlighted the diversity of office locations across the globe. Following this, we have created several 'stand-out' adverts that have separated GulfMark from their competitors.

GulfMark Universally Connected Advert
GulfMark, The Difference is our People Advert
8 Strong Reasons to Choose Gulfmark Advert


GulfMark's Aberdeen office has vast windows overlooking the harbour and busy streets below. To make the most of this underutilized space a large, colourful vinyl of a GulfMark vessel was created for visual impact. Internal office spaces were also transformed using stunning murals of vessels.

GulfMark Reception Mural, Aberdeen Office
GulfMark Window Signage, Aberdeen Office

Web Design & Development

Working with our new colleagues in Houston, we took the existing website and created a clean, responsive design that complimented the existing back-end.

View Live Website
GulfMark Responsive Website, Mobile View
GulfMark Responsive Website, Desktop View
GulfMark Responsive Website, Tablet View


Photography plays a major part in how GulfMark is perceived and was a key consideration at all times. We directed photo shoots across the globe for a series of staff photographs. This involved sourcing international photographers and creating detailed set up instructions for each shoot to ensure consistency throughout.

GulfMark Global Staff Photoshoot
GulfMark Onshore Staff Meeting, Aberdeen Office
GulfMark Highland Prince Master, Aberdeen Harbour
GulfMark Newbuilds During Construction

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