Cooking up a brand for one of the country's best-loved celebrity chefs

Tony Singh

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Initially working with Imajica to develop his personal brand McTSingh, the team created a colourful and rustic palette that would reflect Tony's Sikh heritage and lively personality. This is noticeable on the 'McTees' that Imajica and Tony designed together and the TV treatments for 'The Spice Men' and 'Tony Singh's Indian Food Adventure' created in collaboration with B4 Films.

Tony offers supper club experiences from his home in Edinburgh and began a takeaway service named 'Singh 4 Your Supper' during the COVID19 pandemic. Imajica recently developed an online booking platform to help Tony's team better manage supper club bookings. This fully-bespoke, cloud-based software uses a calendar-based booking system to help guests see availability at a glance or be added to the waiting list. Further to this, Tony's team can log on to the management system to access booking information and contact guests automatically resulting in a more efficient system.

Following the success of 'Singh 4 Your Supper' Imajica developed the Radge Chaat brand for Tony to offer Indian street food in Edinburgh. Radge Chaat is an eye-catching, colourful brand which stands out across menus, promotional flyers, loyalty cards and merchandise. Indian street food is an explosion of flavour and Imajica wanted to reflect this in the social media campaign we created for the launch. 

The Radge Chaat brand soon caught the imagination of Aberdeen-based Scottish Brewery of the Year, Fierce Beer, who approached Imajica and Tony to work on a beer collaboration. Imajica designed sell sheets and pitch decks for a national hotel chain to promote the beer release culminating in a launch party at Moxy Fountainbridge Edinburgh. |

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