Baking a brand for Scotland’s Family Baker


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Smiths are a third-generation family baker based in the heart of the North East of Scotland, supplying quality baking since 1969. 

J&I Smiths came to Imajica with the task of developing their brand, after expanding into supermarkets across Scotland and looking to break the export market. 

After a full brand audit had taken place, we focussed on our own experience with the family and how we could showcase this to their current and potential customers. From a warm welcome to traditional values, Imajica worked on creating these values as a key ingredient in their brand.

This led to the creation of a brand language which showcased traditional Scottish family values and warmth. This friendly and humble approach was adopted across the board, renaming the company; Smiths – Scotland’s Family Baker.

To ensure consistency, this language was adopted within a new brand identity and guidelines, applied across every brand touch-point from packaging to online and even amongst their fleet of vans as they proudly delivered fresh baking across the country. 

Our approach aided brand awareness and put quality traditional Scottish values at it's heart.

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